SOLULAB is a company with a conscience and we believe in giving back. Currently we support various non-profits from different sectors all making a difference in their fields.

The Marian Rose Foundation assists children who cannot afford specialised medical treatment.  With resources in state healthcare stretched and millions of families with no medical aid, this foundation steps in to ensure children receive the correct treatment as quickly as possible. They rely solely on donations from the public.

To find out more visit: The Marian Rose Foundation

Gift of the Givers is the largest disaster response NGO in Africa.  Not only do they provide much needed relief in disaster torn areas,  they also run various projects in Hunger Alleviation, Water Provision, Healthcare Services, Education and Human Development. 

To find out more visit: Gift of the Givers

We support various animal welfare organisations who provide shelter, medical care and adoption services to the public.  They also provide education on how to take care of animals, and they visit impoverished areas to administer vaccines and sterilisation services.

To find out more visit:

Rainbow Nation Animals

The National Council of SPCAs

Dogtown SA Animal Rescue Centre

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